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Social Services

The following section provides details and continual information on social services available to students during their studies.

Study Allowance (Studienbeihilfe)

Requirements to receive financial aid depends on the students’ financial background (personal income and parental support). To continue receiving aid and a study allowance, and avoid having to pay back disbursed allowances, students must regularly submit a transcript of studies showing the courses taken and passed. A special form is the single provider stipend. Students are asked to please read through all of the information carefully, observe all deadlines, not exceed the additional income limit or the period of entitlement.

Detailed Information

Family Allowance (Familienbeihilfe)

In general, a family allowance can be paid up to the age of 24. To continue receiving the allowance, students must submit a confirmation of enrollment (=Inskriptionsbestätigung). Students can print confirmation of enrollment at any Service Point terminal on campus. Should there be a disruption in payment, students must re-apply for family allowance in order to begin receiving the allowance again. Students must apply at the tax office located in the students’ parents’ place of residence. If parents are unable to fulfil an obligation of support, family allowance will be granted. Students must present the application to the appropriate residential tax office.

Detailed Information:

Additional Assistance Options

Co-Insurance and Self Insurance for Students

In general, students may remain co-insured with their parents, grandparents or adoptive parents up to the age 27. Please contact your health insurance carrier.

Students who have no insurance coverage can find out more about independent insurance coverage for students.
Low income students can purchase a health insurance policy at the Upper Austrian Health Insurance (Gebietskrankenkasse). Click here for information. Information on independent student coverage can also be found here: ÖH Social Services Office.

Meal Discounts, organized by the Austrian Student Union

The Austrian Student Union meal discount (ÖH Mensabonus) is available to students who qualify. The discount is valid at the university cafeteria on campus (Mensa), the KHG dorm cafeteria, and the Raab Heim cafeteria. See: ÖH JKU for detailed information.

Student Dormitories

Please find information regarding all student dormitories here:

Social Services Provided by the City of Linz and Public Transportation

The Aktivpass enables low-income individuals to take advantage of benefits in Linz at a lower cost. One of the most popular benefits is the discounted month ticket for unlimited use of public transportation.

Students registered as residents of Linz or Leonding, and receiving family allowance benefits are eligible to purchase a “semester ticket” at the LINZ AG for Energy, Telecommunications, Transport and Community Services.

To use public transportation in the state of Upper Austria, the Integrated Public Transport System (OÖVV - Oberösterreichische Verkehrsverbund) offers a semester ticket at a special discount price. Purchase of this ticket is also linked to receiving family allowance benefits.

Austrian Student Union Social Services Fund

The Austrian Student Union has set up a “Social Services Fund“ designed to provide financial aid - including financial assistance for low income students - to help pay for child care as well as provide some living and social assistance. The Linz Student Union also has its own social services funds. You can find additional information and application forms at: Austrian Student Union Office of Social Services.

Austrian Student Union Bulletin Board

On the official Austrian Student Union homepage students can find the ÖH Börse for information on jobs, apartments, study groups, carpools, and anything regarding studies, such as course materials and course text books.

International Students

Tuition Fees

The amount of tuition fees students are required to pay depends on each student’s country of origin. Under certain circumstances, students may submit an application to waive tuition fees. Additional details and information can be found at: tuition fees

Work Permit

Non-Austrian students from non-EEA countries are permitted to work in Austria but only in a limited capacity. Foreign students should contact the Public Employment Service Austria (AMS) in advance to avoid any infractions of current stipulations and regulations. Please find additional information at the Public Employment Service Austria as well as at the Austrian Student Union Office for Migration and Integration Services.

Residence Permits for International Students

In certain cases, some international students will be required to apply for a visa to permit legal residency in Austria during their period of studies. Students must apply and receive visas at the appropriate Austrian institution in the student’s home country. For additional information, see: international students