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Psychological Counseling Center

The Psychological Counseling Center is a student support service of the Ministry of Science designed to assist students and prospective students.

If you are currently enrolled at an Austrian university or University of Applied Sciences (Fachhochschule), or if you are interested in a particular field of study, counseling and mentoring services are free, confidential and, upon request, anonymous.

We can assist you with
• Questions regarding your selection of an academic degree program
• Any uncertainty regarding your choice of studies
• Considerations of switching majors or dropping out of school
• Struggles new students face in organizing their studies or adjusting to student life
• Improving your study methods, work habits and time management
• Working on problems regarding examinations, motivation and concentration
• Working through personal problems that may be compromising your studies
• Further developing your personal, communicative and social skills.

Our services include
• General guidance and assistance in the decision-making process
• Support in regards to working through problems and finding solutions
• Improving personal development

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