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Students With Disabilities / Chronic Illnesses

Here you will find information for students at the Johannes Kepler University Linz who have disabilities / chronic illnesses:

Access to lecture halls, seminar rooms, department offices and libraries:
• all buildings have stairless access
• all buildings have elevators (the hind tract of the Kepler Building has a stair lift) so that all floors are accessible
• the key for the stair lift can be obtained at the Dept. of Facility Management

Access to Science Park Buildings (I-III)
• The buildings are mainly accessible via revolving doors. Persons with disabilities can enter the building using his/her Kepler Card to open the sliding doors located next to the revolving door. The Dept. of Facility Management will provide clearance.

Access to Schloss Auhof
• the offices of the Rector, University Director, Vice Rectors, Legal Dept., and university offices of University Law and Management are located on the 1st and 2nd floors and accessible by elevator.

Restrooms for disabled individuals can be found in the following buildings:
• Management Center, ground floor
• Kopfgebäude, ground floor
• Kepler Building, ground floor
• Uni Center, basement level
• TNF, 3rd floor
• Library, 1st floor, east wing
• Bank Building, ground floor

Parking on Campus
• disabled students, with the appropriate ID in compliance with §29 b of the Highway Code, can apply for a handicap parking permit at the central administration offices, office of the University Director.
• the handicap permit will allow disabled persons to park free on campus
• access to the parking lot requires a special chip card that only needs to be held up to the sensor to allow access to the parking lot
• the chip card can be obtained at the Dept. of Facility Management by presenting the parking permit and paying a security deposit.

If you encounter barriers at the JKU campus, please inform the Institute of Integrated Studies or the JKU representative for the interest of the disabled on campus.

Information regarding “Students with Disabilities / Chronic Illnesses” as well as student support services can be obtained at the Institute of Integrated Studies.

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