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Austrian Student Union Representatives

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Studies in Human Medicine


Department of Examination and Recognition Services at the JKU Linz
Bank Building N.. 101 C
Altenberger Straße 69
4040 Linz

E-Mail: anerkennung-med(/\t)

Contact Persons:

Nicole Hinterndorfer

Ext. 3278


Daniel Schumann

Ext. 3277


Adelheid Buchmeier

Ext. 3102


Credit transfer/recognition for Austrian educational qualifications:
Students wishing to receive credit/recognition for past examinations can submit the form "Ansuchen um Anerkennung von Prüfungen" to the Dept. of Examination and Recognition Services. Please complete the form and attach all required documentation, course content, etc. You can submit the application per e-mail: anerkennung-med(/\t)

Your application will then be formally reviewed. If approved, the original documents must be:

* brought in person to the JKU Linz
* sent by post to the JKU Linz
* sent per-E-mail, providing all required documents have a valid electronic signature

The application will be formally reviewed. If approved, please ensure the following documents are:

* brought to the JKU Linz in person
* sent by post to the JKU Linz
* sent to the JKU Linz per e-mail, only if the required documents contain a qualified electronic signature