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Teacher Education Studies - Secondary Level

Application Procedure

1. Complete the application form.
In regards to the following subjects, please contact the responsible persons as this must be clarified in advance before submitting the application.

Contact Persons for Application

School Subject Mathematics

Univ. Prof. DI Mag. Dr. Markus Hohenwarter
markus.hohenwarter(/\), Ext. 6871

Linz School of Education, Dept. of STEM Didactics, Altenbergerstraße 54, ALT54

School Subject Computer Science and Computer Science Management

A. Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Josef Scharinger
josef.scharinger(/\), Ext. 4715

Institute for Computational Perception, Science Park 3 S30439

2. To apply for recognition at the Dept. of Examination and Recognition Services, please submit the following:
Completed form
Certificates and grade reports (in the original and in copy)
If applicable, teaching content

3. The application will be forwarded for a decision.
The immediate decision is based solely on the available equivalency lists.

4. Credit Transfer/Recognition Forms

Complete the PDF form for each subject area and submit the form during office hours to the Dept. of Examination and Recognition Services.