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Faculty of Law

Credit Transfer / Examination Recognition – Austrian Students

Written Filing of Application

NOTE: Beginning January 1, 2015 the first Diploma degree examination taken at other Austrian universities will no longer be globally recognized.

Diploma Degree Program in Business Law, Bachelor's Degree Program in Business Law, Master's Degree Program in Legal and Business Aspects in Technics, Master's Degree Program in Taxation

1. When filing an application, use AUWEA NG to determine credit transfer.

2. The application will be approved after a review by the corresponding representative.

3. The Department of Recognition and Examination Services will issue official notification. You must pick up the original notification letter at the Department of Recognition and Examination Services in person. You will receive confirmation by e-mail. When transferring credit and examinations from other Austrian universities or universities abroad, please bring all documentation in the original as well as in copy.
To verify documents, students in the multi-media program are requested to send the original certificates (if they are not officially signed) by postal mail. They will be returned with the official notification.

Credit Transfer and Examination Recognition – Outside of Austria

Please find additional details in regards to filing an application here:

Doctorate Degree Program in Law