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Examination Credit Transfer/Recognition

Information on Credit Transfer (Examinations)

In compliance with § 78 of the University Act 2002 examinations submitted by application of the student to the proper university authorities for credit transfer/recognition must be successfully completed at either an accredited post-secondary educational institution in Austria, a post-secondary educational institution abroad, a vocational secondary school (=berufsbildende höhere Schule), an institution of higher education for teaching professions (=Höheren Anstalt für Lehrer- und Erzieherbildung), recognized Austrian educational institutions which require the general university entrance qualification (=allgemeine Universitätsreife) for admission, or in a university-level course (=Lehrgang universitären Charakters).

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Credit Transfer for Examinations - Open Studies Introductory and Orientation Phase (StEOP) Classes

In regards to open StEOP examinations, the only examinations that can be approved for credit transfer/recognition are those that are a part of the StEOP program or listed in the curriculum as an additional course that can be completed before completing the StEOP program

Click here for detailed information about the StEOP requirements.

Examinations Taken by Students During an Officially Approved Leave of Absence from Studies Will not be Recognized.

In compliance with §67 of the University Act students may, for certain reasons (completion of mandatory military or civilian/community services, pregnancy, serving as the primary caregiver of a child) apply for an official leave of absence for a maximum period of two semesters per set of circumstances. Students are not required to pay tuition fees while on an approved leave of absence and students are prohibited from participating in any university courses, taking examinations or submitting academic papers for grading. Any completed examinations during this time period are null and void.

In compliance with §78 of the University Act, credit transfer/recognition for examinations is also prohibited as this counts as taking and successfully passing the corresponding examination. Therefore, the earliest date to submit an application for examination credit transfer/recognition for assessment and processing is after the student’s leave of absence.


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