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How Can I Best Organize My Studies?

The office of Academic & Student Advising Services has summarized information for new students in a section called "First Steps". Here you can find fast facts to get acquainted with your new surroundings and ensure you have taken care of everything ranging from all pre-registration requirements to paying Tuition/Student Union fees.

The curriculum for your selected academic degree program will provide you with information on the courses and examinations you must complete in order to graduate. You can find the curriculum for your major under Academic Degree Programs.

Many of the program curricula provide students with suggestions on how to best begin your studies. Under the menu item “Academic Degree Programs”, few degree programs provide additional links for students to find more detailed information pertaining to their area of study. Additional information can be found on the Austrian Student Union website, including information material that can be downloaded.

We strongly recommend attending the Austrian Student Union’s academic advising sessions for new students which take place each semester at the Student Union offices shortly before classes begin. New students will have an opportunity to address any questions they may have pertaining to their choice of study. Additional information provided by the Student Union (and unavailable online) will be on hand at the offices. The locations and times for the advising sessions can be found here: Student Union Homepage.