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The Study Grant Authority is a public service institution that provides expert information on financial aid. Well trained staff is on hand to counsel and assist students in matters of financial aid in the tertiary education sector.

The Study Grant Authority is an organization independent from the universities. The financial assistance programs are an extensive, effective and efficient form of aid that has become an indispensable part of the education system.

Within the context of a network of specialized service facilities in Austria and throughout Europe, the Study Grant Authority fulfils an important role in an extensive information pallet for students, prospective students and for education policy.

Please see Study Grant Authorities for additional information.

List of all Scholarships

1. Study Grant Authority: Financial Aid and Scholarships:
           * Financial Aid: serves to help highly motivated and dedicated young people enroll at university and overcome social and regional barriers.
           * Study Grant
           * Additional funds for: [traveling allowance | insurance expenses | support of studies | child care | subsidized loan for tuition fees]
2. Scholarships:
           * Austrian Academy of Science: Scholarships and Grants
           * PRO SCIENTIA: Das Österreichische Studienförderungswerk (LINK)
           * Study Grant Authority: [ language scholarship | final degree scholarship ] (LINK)
3. Merit and sponsorship scholarships for JKU students: (LINK)
           * Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business (LINK)
           * Faculty of Law (LINK)
           * Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences (LINK)
4. Research Scholarships:
           * Currently Available Research Scholarships (LINK)
5. Study Abroad Scholarships for Students and Graduates (LINK)