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How Do I Pay the Tuition Fees/Austrian Student Union Fees?

Admission to studies and/or continuation of studies can only be completed after you pay the required fees in the full amount before the deadline! Partial payment is not accepted.

The tuition fees must be paid within the admissions period! If fees are not paid, the student will not be admitted to studies and disenrolled from the university! The last day to pay the Austrian Student Union fee is April 30 for the Summer Semester and November 30 for the Winter Semester.

NOTE! Any payments made after these deadline dates will be considered null and void!

You can find information about the amount of fees you owe online at (menu item: "Tuition Fees"). There you will find detailed information to conduct a transfer of funds and make your payment.

Please note that your customer information changes each semester.

Note about customer information:
Customer information consists of a 12-digit number. The first and last four digits are variable. In between you will see your personal 7-digit Student ID Number: #Matrikelnummer####.
Please pay attention to the number when you use it to pay via a pay-in slip or pay online.

When transferring funds from abroad, please note that fees (may) apply and that you will be responsible for paying these fees.