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Austrian Student Union Representatives

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Third-Country Nationals

Degree-Seeking Students who are Third-Country Nationals:

  • Individuals subject to regulations but not considered equal in accordance to § 91 Sec. 1 of the 2002 Universities Act
  • Individuals not subject to regulations but who hold a different residence permit other than a "Aufenthaltsbewilligung Studierende"
  • Individuals who hold a "Aufenthaltsbewilligung Studierende" resident permit

will be subject to paying double the amount of tuition of €745.92 (including the Austrian Student Union fee) at the start of the semester.

The following students can reduce tuition fees by a maximum of half
1. Third-country nationals for whom the following applies:

  • Individuals in Austria who, due to state contractual or legal regulations, have privileges and/or immunity as well as
  • Individuals who, at the time of earning university qualifications (Matura), were abroad on behalf of the Republic of Austria and who, due to state contractual or legal regulations, have privileges and immunity, including spouses or registered partners and their children;
  • Foreign correspondents/journalists accredited and working full-time in Austria as well as spouses or registered partners and their children;
  • Individuals who receive a scholarship for a degree-program of choice either due to treaty regulations or - in the same amount from funds provided by an Austrian territorial authority that - in accordance with financial provisions of the said territorial authority are used expressly for scholarships;
  • Individuals who hold university qualifications (Matura) earned at accredited Austrian schools located abroad;
  • Asylum seekers (those who hold a process card in accordance with § 50 AsylG 2005 - green card; those who hold a residence entitlment card in accordance with § 51 AsylG - white card).

2. Students who hold one of the following residence permits:

  • Red-White-Red Card
  • Residence permit for researchers*
  • Residence permit for Special Cases of dependent employment*
  • Residence permit for a Family Unit (notation on the back: with special cases of dependent employment)

In accordance with § 92 of the 2002 Universities Act and § 2b of the Tuition Fee 2004 Regulations, additional tuition fee reductions are not possible.

* If you are an employee at the JKU Linz, please contact a staff member at the Admissions Office.