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Grounds for a Waiver at the JKU Linz

In addition to legal grounds in order to waive fees, the Rectorate at the JKU Linz may approve fee waiver for the following reasons:

1. "School Students at Universities"
School students in the "SchülerInnen an die Unis" program supported by the Austrian Center to Support Gifted Students in Academic and Research at the JKU Linz attending classes (as externally enrolled students) in which they receive credit;

2. Holding an Office for Austrian Student Union*
Students who, during a tuition-free period during studies - have served at least one semester as a student representative iSd. HSG 2014 (BGBl. I No. 45 in the currently valid version) at the JKU Linz, for the duration of their term of office, overall a maximum of four semesters. Verification: please submit confirmation of the nature and duration of the office issued by the chairperson for university representation at the JKU Linz;

3. Attending courses that are part of the University Enrollment Eligibility Examination Program
Verification: Individual receipt of course fees paid (invoice);

4. MORE Students
Externally enrolled students who have been accepted to the uniko initiative "MORE" program (major number 992/956).

* Fees can also be waived for external degree programs.

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