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Tuition Reimbursement

In compliance with § 2b of the 2004 Tuition Fee Act, tuition fees can be reimbursed provided verification for tuition fee waiver/reimbursement is not submitted within the deadline (Winter Semester to October 31, Summer Semester to March 31) and therefore the tuition fee was paid for the actual semester.

The application for the reimbursement of tuition fees for Winter Semester can be submitted to the Admissions Office the following March 31, for Summer Semester the following September 30 (in person, by postal mail, or by e-mail to: studienbeitrag(/\t) Please include copies of all required documents and verifications.

Students may submit an application for tuition fee reimbursement on the following grounds:

1. Illness
Studies will be hindered for more than two months due to illness (Verification: Confirmation by a Medical Doctor);

2. Pregnancy
Studies will be hindered for two months or longer due to pregnancy (Verification: Confirmation by a Medical Doctor);

3. Childcare Responsibilities
The student is the primary caregiver for a child up his/her 7th birthday and/or until the child begins school (Verification: child's birth certificate, child and student's residency registration forms, whereby the address on the form must match the address on the child's residency registration form and the residency registration form cannot be older than 2.5 years old, as well as a signed affadavit by the student stating he/she is the child's primary caregiver). You must notify the Admissions Office immediately if there are any changes in living circumstances;

4. Employment
Accepting employment proving gross income** of at least € 5,820.08 during calendar year 2016 (Verification: income tax return by the responsible residential tax office), NOTE: Aside from a minimum income, additional rules and regulations must be observed;

5. Disabled Students*
Students legally and officialy determined by authorized medical experts to 50% handicapped (Verification: official ID and documents issued by the Federal Social Services Office);

6. Military or Alternative Civil Service
Verification: Confirmation issued by military command or civilian/community service agency. The conscription order alone does not qualify as confirmation or verification. Note: If an official academic leave of absence is requested for the period to complete mandatory military or alternative service, tuition fees for additional semesters will not be waived for this reason;

7. Financial Aid*
Receiving financial aid in accordance with Financial Aid Laws 1992 during the past or during the current semester (Verification: official notification issued by the student financial aid office);

8. Mutual Fee Waiver
A university partnership agreement between the JKU Linz and an academic university abroad which recognizes and specifically states a mutual waiver of tuition fees (Verification: partnership agreement);

9. Holding an Austrian Student Union-Office*
Students who, during the tuition free period of studies, spent at least one semester working as a student representative iSd. HSG 2014 (BGBl. I No. 45 in the currently valid version) at the JKU Linz, for the duration of his/her term of office a total of a maximum of four semesters. As verification please submit confirmation on the type and duration of the office held issued by the chairperson of the JKU Linz' university representatives;

10. Attending programs that a part of the University Eligibility Enrollment Examination
Verification: confirmed payment of course fees (invoice).

* Not taken into consideration:
- Social benefits (such as retirement, sick leave pay, maternity leave pay, unemployment benefits, etc.)
- Profit distribution
- Insurance payments
- Income from rent and leases
Should there be any questions, you may be required to submit additional verification.

Click here to access the application form.

The JKU Rectorate renders all decisions regarding tuition fees. Fees will only be reimbursed in the following cases:

1. Fees were paid even though the student was not required to pay tuition fees.
2. Fees were paid even though an application of tuition waiver/reimbursement was being processed and no decision had yet been rendered. The application was then approved.
3. Tuition fees were paid after the end of the grace period and thus there is no continuation of studies.
4. A higher amount than required was paid.
5. Tuition fees were paid, subsequently recognition of a mobility program before the end of the grace period (WS 30.11., SS 30.4.).
6. Incomplete payment and disenrollment from studies.
7. Tuition fees paid, disenrollment before the beginning of the corresponding semester.
8. Completion of degree by the end of the grace period (WS 30.11., SS 30.4.), not actively enrolled in any additional majors.
9. Discontinuation of studies until the end of the grace period (WS 30.11., SS 30.4.), as long as there is no continuation notification from the previous semester or no examination registered for the relevant semester and no academic work has been submitted for a grade during the corresponding semester.

Detailed information and the application form are available at the Admissions Office, or send inquiries to: studienbeitrag(/\t)