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Admission to Additional Majors and Universities

If a student is enrolled in several academic degree programs, a tuition-free period will be calculated for each degree program. The stipulation regarding any possible tuition fees depends on the degree program and if the student has exceeded the tuition-free period. In this regard, it does not matter which degree program is the student's "major"/"minor".
Students can go the Admissions Office in person (bring your JKU Card!) to suspend program(s) that require the payment of tuition fees or send an e-mail to: zulassung(/\t) (be sure to include your student ID number!).

If the student is enrolled in several degree programs at several universities, each university (providing that that university charges tuition fees) will calculate tuition free fees independently of each other. This means students may be exempt from tuition fees at one university but be subject to paying them at another if he/she has exceeded the tuition free period; that university may send notification that tuition fees will be charged.

If the student has been admitted to several universities, tuition fees and the Austrian Student Union fee will only have to be paid at one university (at the university in which the student is enrolled in the most number of degree programs). The student will be required to show his/her student record sheet at the other universities during the admissions and registration period to prove he/she has paid any required tuition fees.

Please note that registration by another university is not automatic.

Failure to pay the renewal notice and/or show a student record sheet will result in disenrollment from studies.