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Borealis Social Scholarship

The Borealis Social Fund - Financial Support for Students in Chemistry and Polymer Engineering Technologies

Borealis, a leading provider of chemical and innovative solutions in the area of base chemicals, has created the Borealis Social Scholarship program to provide sustainable and long-term financial support for students.

The Boreals Social Scholarship Program provides support in three areas:
1. Support for talented students exhibiting high potential in the areas of chemistry and plastics engineering, yet who lack the financial means to develop their full potential. These students will receive a financial scholarship from Borealis during their studies while earning a degree.
2.Assistance and support for female doctoral candidates for writing a dissertation in the fields of chemistry and plastics engineering. Borealis committed to supporting the advancement of women studying plastics engineering as they are significantly underrepresented in the field.
3. The “Mobility Program” aims to encourage international exchange among students in the areas of chemistry and plastics engineering. Students can visit take part in organized programs at the Petroleum Institute of Abu Dhabi and at other academic institutions partnered with Borealis.


The application to be granted a Borealis Social Scholarships can be found here. Please complete the application form and include the following in electronic format:
+ Letter of Motivation
+ Current CV
+ Current transcripts
In order to successfully complete the application process, you must confirm your submission via a link that will be sent by e-mail. Only then will the application be considered as officially submitted.

Contact and Information

For more information on the Borealis Social Scholarship Program, please contact:

Institute for Chemical Technology of Organic Materials
Univ. Prof. DI Dr. Christian Paulik (Dept. Chair)
Altenbergerstraße 69
4040 Linz
Ph.: +43 732 2468 8804 508
e-Mail: christian.paulik(/\t)