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Examination Information

Register for Course Examinations Online in KUSSS at:

Register for Subject Examinations

Please register for subject examinations via KUSSS within the registration period.

Please come to the Dept. of Examinations and Recognition Services to register for Diploma degree examinations, Bachelor's, Master's, oral defense examinations, supplementary examinations (except for Latin), and examinations for independent studies.

We cannot accept any registration sent in per e-mail.

You can find individual registration periods, examination dates and registration information below.

application/pdfInformation Sheet to Register for Subject Examinations via KUSSS (561KB, Instructions to register for subject examinations via KUSSS)

Information by the Faculty of Law

Register: 5 weeks before each relevant examination date
Deadline: 3 weeks before each relevant examination date

You may not register to take one examination on several different dates unless the grade from the last examination has not yet been made available.

Information Regarding Examination Dates:

You can find the exact examination dates (day, location and time) approximately two weeks before the examination date at:

If you have questions regarding registering for a subject area examination, please contact the Office of Examinations and Recognition Services.

If you have any questions about registering for a subject area examination via KUSSS, please contact Studies Information and Academic Advising/KUSSS Support.

Cancelling a Subject Area Examination

You can de-register from a subject area examination on the third day before the day of the examination via KUSSS.
Do not take the examination without having registered for it. You may not register for the same examination offered on a different date if you have not provided a good reason for having missed the earlier examination (see: (§ 28 Abs. 6 ST-StR)). Bring any required verification to the Dept. of Recognition and Examination Services

Repeating Examinations

Students who have passed qualifying subject examinations (=Fachprüfungen) and lecture examinations can repeat the examination once up to twelve months after the initial examination date.
Students who have passed course examinations (=Lehrveranstaltungsprüfungen) (aside from the lecture examinations) can repeat the examination once after the course has been offered again.
If repeating an examination, the grade awarded on the previous examination will become null and void.
If you receive a lower grade, the second grade will still count.

Students may repeat examinations taken for the Studies Introduction and Orientation Phase 3x (four attempts)

Students may re-sit for an examination up to four times (5 attempts). All examination attempts in the same subject for all respective subjects at the same university count.

After repeating an examination three times (subject examination, lecture, lecture with exercises, courses and combined courses) the examination will then be conducted by commission provided the examination is in the form of a single examination procedure.
Upon request by the student, the second examination attempt can also be conducted by commission.
The last examination attempt (4th attempt) will be conducted by commission (no exceptions); in regards to courses with exercises and seminars, the examination commission will base their decision in regards to each individual case and will determine how previous performances can best be concentrated in the current examination therefore making a grade by commission accessible.
After the student's hearing, the Examination Board chairman is required to notify the Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs (e-mail to: vizerektor-lehre(/\t)

Übungen (UE) can be also be referred to as Arbeitsgemeinschaft (AG), Intensivierungskurs (IK), Praktikum (PR) or Proseminar (PS) within the curriculum.
Kurse (KS) can also be referred to as Vorlesung mit Übung (VU) or kombinierte Lehrveranstaltung (KV) within the curriculum.

Students who fail an "Übung" course and a seminar must repeat the entire course.
Students will receive a course grade after completing the course and course examination; in order to repeat the course examination the rules pertaining lecture examinations apply in that when repeating an examination, non-repeatable sections from a lecture examination cannot be included in the grade.

If the student received a failing examination grade before October 1, 2003 , the following regulations in regards to repeating examinations in accordance with the laws governing university studies apply:
1st Part of Studies = 3 repeat attempts (4 attempts)
2nd Part of Studies = 4 repeat attempts (5 attempts)
After the student's hearing, the Examination Board chairman is required to notify the Vice-Rector of Academic Affairs (e-mail to: vizerektor-lehre(/\t)
Attempts from the same subject area in a different major are possible and can count again towards the originally declared major.

Additional information regarding individual programs:


Teaching and Studies at the JKU
Department of Examinations and Recognition Services