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Research Documentation (FoDok)

The electronic research database developed by the JKU enables researchers to make their research results available online to the "Scientific Community" as well as to the general public.

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Your search includes research performance from the following categories:

  • Publications: Books, Journal Publications, Conference Articles, Research Reports, Editor Reports, etc.
  • Talks: Guest Speaker Contributions, Conference Talks (including Keynote Speeches), Poster Presentations, Post-Doctorate Presentations, etc.
  • Research Projects: Scientific Projects (sponsored and required research), Master's Theses / PhD Dissertations/ Post-Doctorate Projects, etc.
  • Scientific Community Services: Conference Organisation, Symposia, Workshops, Exhibitions, Guest Lectures, etc; Stay Abroad
  • Inventions: Issued Patents

In addition to the above search methods, alternative ways to navigate the FoDok database include:

Entries in the FoDok system pertaining to research performance and achievement can be entered into a web-based system. Individual research units at the JKU (institutes, departments) are responsible for ensuring that these entries are made: Link to FoDok entries (JKU-internal).

For questions regarding "FoDok" please contact: fodok(/\t)