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Conditions to Successfully Complete MUSSS Modules

MuSSS modules are considered the same as a regular degree program and therefore all basic rules and regulations apply to students enrolled in MUSSS. All regular degree programs are subject to sovereignty administration. In addition, JKU’s MuSSS program offers additional services and benefits at a reimbursement of cost (appropriate additional terms and conditions apply).

The courses offered in MUSSS are therefore offered as an option for students. These courses can be taken on a voluntary basis and are not mandatory in order to complete an academic degree program of study; it therefore is not subject to sovereign administration but rather, on this note, on the following conditions:

Mandatory Fees

There are fees for MUSSS courses. Fees are €12 per ECTS credit. After payment of fees, student will have access to register for module courses as long as all preliminary pre-requisites have been met in accordance with the curriculum or in accordance with the preliminary requirements for the module.

Extent of Services

The core advantage of MUSSS is providing additional services that allow students who have time and location restrictions to better complete university studies at the JKU. Individual services are different according to each course and/or module and are available on the homepage in detail under Course text books are not part of services offered, however there is a possibility for students to order books in the framework of the course.
To take advantage of MUSSS services, students must have the proper required technical equipment. This includes a computer with an internet connection and sound. Some courses will require students to have a headset (incl. microphone).

Guaranteed Course Enrollment

Registration for MUSSS courses will take place via KUSSS. Students will be enrolled in courses in succession after paying the required fees. By paying the required fees, students are guaranteed a spot in the allocated course.

No Refunds

Just as JKU is legally bound by the receipt payment made by students, you, as a student, have a right to participate in the course when you come to the preliminary meeting and abide by the terms and conditions and you also have an obligation to attend. In general, paid fees will not be refunded. However, it is possible to nominate another fellow student as a replacement or re-designate fees to attend a later course. “Trade offs” such as these must be regulated before the first preliminary meeting in the specified time period allowed.
If a course is cancelled due to low numbers of enrollment, students may request a refund. The right to pass along the paid fee for another student or re-designate the fee for another course remains in effect in this case as well.


On-site sessions have been reduced to a minimum and some courses do not even hold on-site sessions. However, if the module lists on-site session dates, your attendance is expected. In individual cases, such as circumstances beyond your control, you must contact the course instructor beforehand if you cannot attend class. Your absence may be excused only if the circumstances could not be prevented or were unforeseeable.

Data Privacy

Taking courses via MUSSS will require using accessing the learning platform Moodle as well as, if required, additional IT systems. These platforms and systems will not function without entering user information. Standard use of these IT systems may mean that personal data will be published and/or made accessible to fellow students. Please be aware that you may not access these services without entering this information. We make considerable efforts to avoid collecting unnecessary data and will keep you informed of what we consider important, providing you an opportunity to see the data that others can view about you.


Improper and unlawful use of MUSSS resources will result in expulsion from the system, whereby additional sanctions can be neither abolished nor excluded.
Virtual communication, a vital and indispensable part of MUSSS courses, is already more complicated than personal communication due to technical limitations. We expect all course participants to adhere to appropriate rules of conduct (“Netiquette”). Offensive comments and other clear violations of Netiquette rules will be considered a breach of conduct and will result in expulsion from all MUSSS courses. Exclusion from MUSSS courses will not hinder a student from continuing studies at the university and will be limited to the MUSSS supplementary courses.

Version 2012A (HH)