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Terms and Conditions to Take Examinations at External Locations

In general, students can take examinations for MUSSS O.C. courses at officially designated external locations. The same applies to MUSSS course examinations, provided the examinations are not integrated in to the on-site course sessions. Taking an examination at an external location incurs additional costs and students will be subject to a fee.

MUSSS examinations offered at external locations is an additional service provided to students. It is on a voluntary basis and not mandatory in order to complete an academic degree program; it therefore is not subject to sovereign administration but rather, on this note, to the following conditions:

  1. The fee is € 50 for students who register by March 31, 2012. The fee will be charged as a flat rate each semester (1. 10. to 28. 2. and 1. 3. to 30. 9.) regardless of how many examinations the student registers for. The fee must paid following registration in the Moodle-Examination area.
  2. An examination will only be held at the external location if there are at least 3 students registered for an examination at the same location. This must occur 10 days before the examination date. Late registration is only granted under exceptional circumstances (student must show documentation). Failure to appear for the examination without a valid reason will lead to immediate expulsion from the examination registration system and the forfeiture of all therewith associated rights.
  3. Students who wish to register for an examination after the October 31st deadline may do so however the fee will be doubled (€ 100); this also applies to cases in which access is denied (see 3.)
  4. If students register for examinations but the examination(s) are cancelled due to too few students, then the application for use of the examination registration area will be extended for an additional semester at no extra fee.
  5. These rules and regulations pertaining to examinations will apply beginning in the 2011/2012 academic year; in compensation for possible problems during the introduction year, the fee (see 1) will be reduced to € 25.

Data Privacy

Taking examinations at an external location will require the use of the learning platform Moodle as well as, if required, additional IT systems. These platforms and systems will not function without entering user information. Standard use of these IT systems may mean that personal data will be published and/or made accessible to fellow students. Please be aware that you may not access these services without entering this information. We make considerable efforts to avoid collecting unnecessary data and will keep you informed of what we consider important, providing you an opportunity to see information visible to others.

Version 2012 (HH)