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MuSSS Advanced Course in English in Linz and Gmunden WS 2017/2018

The MuSSS advanced course in English provides a strong base to attend the MuSSS module English 1 and the MuSSS module English 2 in order to completeBusiness English I!

Why Should I Take the MuSSS Advanced Course for English?
The MuSSS advance course in English helps to reactivate previously acquired English language skills as well as expand on English vocabulary and grammar. Students can become more confident in communicating and writing at a B2 level. Taught by a native English speaker, the course includes intensive oral and written exercises. The advanced course is a first step towards language proficiency and using English for business purposes.
Students will earn 1.5 ECTS credits (1 semester hour) for the MuSSS advanced course in English and these can count towards elective requirements.

Target Group
MuSSS courses are flexible and have been designed for individuals who wish to pursue an academic degree but who also have work and family obligations. Students who opt to work after high school graduation often experience a gap between graduation and starting studies. This gap can lead to a decline in foreign language skills learned at the B2 level at school. Taking courses that require fluent communication and strong writing skills can be tedious and exhausting for students who have to concentrate more on finding the right vocabulary and remembering grammar rules.

Course Content
The curriculum for the Bachelor's degree program in Business requires students to take and pass the Business English I section. Business English I is worth 12 ECTS credits and is comprised of the following courses: KS Kommunikative Fertigkeiten Englisch (B2), KS Wirtschaftssprache I Englisch (B2+), KS Interkulturelle Fertigkeiten Englisch (C1), and KS Wirtschaftssprache II Englisch (C1).
Past experience from previous semesters has shown that students often overestimate their own level of English as well as underestimate the time commitment required to pass this section.

The advanced course in English beginning WS 2017/2018 will talke place in Linz and Gmunden. The course is designed to help prepare students for the demands and requirements of English 1 and English 2. Before the semester actually starts, students can determine whether or not they can devote the time necessary to completing the English language requirements. Those who successfully complete the MuSSS advanced courses in English have priority to enroll in the MuSSS Module English 1 and MuSSS Module English 2 courses.

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An Excellent Learning Concept
The module's learning pace is accelerated and therefore one of the main reasons that students can attain a higher level of language skills in a short period. Time Commitment: Students must be willing to take the time to attend on-site classes, take part in online chat sessions, read, work on their portfolios, complete homework assignments and study independently, use online language learning programs, complete written and oral performance tasks and presentations.
In 2013, the MuSSS Modules English 1 and English 2 were presented with the European Language Innovation Seal by the Austrian Language Competence Centre.

By attending the English program offered during the year (MuSSS Aufbaukurs Englisch, MuSSS Modul Englisch 1 and MuSSS Modul Englisch 2) students have the advantage of working together for all classes in the same group during the year and being able to study and prepare for examinations together.

The individual courses will be offered during the academic year in Gmunden and Linz as follows:

  • "MuSSS Aufbaukurs Englisch": Beginning to Mid-October

  • "MuSSS Modul Englisch 1": Beginning of October to the beg. of February
    • KS Kommunikative Fertigkeiten Englisch (B2): Beginning of October to the end of November
    • KS Wirtschaftssprache I Englisch (B2+): Beginning of December to the beg. of February

  • "MuSSS Modul Englisch 2": Beginning of March to the beg. of July
    • KS Interkulturelle Fertigkeiten Englisch (C1): Beginning of March to the beg. of May
    • KS Wirtschaftssprache II Englisch (C1): Beginning of May to the beg. of July

This way, students can complete the first "Wirtschaftssprache Englisch" section in a year. Students who have work commitments and family obligations can plan their schedule better! The times and dates for the on-site classes that take place in Gmunden and Linz during the year are available beginning in September and take place on weekends (Friday and/or Saturday).

The actual time commitment is 10 hours a week per module over a period of 15 weeks. We therefore strongly recommend arranging your schedule accordingly in order to include approximately 340 hours to complete the first "Wirtschaftssprache Englisch" section (including the intensive advanced course)!

Course spots will be allocated primarily to students who plan on taking all three courses. Students may attend individual classes providing there are open spots available.

Students who cannot attend the courses as recommended for the year due to work and/or family commitments may attend summer courses. This provides the option to complete the first "Wirtschaftssprache Englisch" section within a year. The following courses take place in Linz during the summer: "Wirtschaftssprache I", "Interkulturelle Fertigkeiten" and "Wirtschaftssprache II".

Contact and Additional Information
If you have any questions or concerns about the "MuSSS Aufbaukurs Englisch" or the modules "MuSSS Modul Englisch 1 and MuSSS Modul Englisch 2", please do not hesitate to contact us: musss(/\t)