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Locations for On-Site Courses

JKU Meets Students Halfway....
Although MuSSS integrates many elements of distance learning, there will be periods where physical classroom presence is required in order to complete certain modules. It will then be necessary to meet course instructors on site at defined locations and times.

A large percentage of the student body at JKU is located in the outer lying regions of Linz or have work constraints that make it necessary for these students to commute long distances to campus. In lieu of recent climate and C02 discussions, it would seem sensible to optimize these locations and thereby minimize the time spent commuting.

The MuSSS model has been designed so that on-site courses in block format (in compliance with student demand as well as the willingness of suitable partners of cooperation) not only take place at JKU, but also at specified locations in the area of the province of Upper Austria (and in border regions, if necessary).

Students registering for MuSSS will be asked to provide their address; please use the address that will allow you to attend the closest available on-site course when physical classroom presence is required.

This regional decentralization has been designed to allow persons located outside of Linz - and for whom a daily commute to and from the university is difficult and costly - to study business at JKU. It is a statistically proven fact that of those persons who leave their place of residence to study at university, only a small percentage return, even when jobs with fitting qualifications are available.

Regional University Centers
MuSSS provides an option for students to have university education “brought” to them locally. The JKU is looking for regional partners who have (different) aspects of education and continual education; the goal is to create centers of lifelong, media supported learning in which regional and national educators can come together.