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Technical Requirements

MuSSS provides students with course materials in various ways and on different levels. The assortment ranges from conventional teaching aids such as text books and copies to Wikis and podcasts. The selection and diversity of the media available caters to different types of learners.

Technical requirements to participate in MuSSS include a laptop with a broadband internet connection. To benefit from all of the advantages of mobile and ubiquitous learning, iPods, CD players in cars, netbooks, etc. are useful technical teaching media that can be implemented during studies.

MuSSS requires

  • proper equipment (laptop, internet connection) and
  • the willingness to use and implement modern media to complete courses and to study

Please note:
To participate in video conferences, a headset (earphones and a microphone) is required. Laptops with integrated microphones and earphones have proven unsuitable in the past; there is too much background noise and echoing, making productive communication difficult.