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Costs / Payment

MuSSS is committed to providing the highest quality of service available. Due to high input in terms of support and a lower student-instructor ratio during on-site sessions, courses cost more than regular, overcrowded courses on campus.

The JKU has sought federal, state, community and regional funding and is committed to keeping the costs as low as possible for students. The JKU bears the risk of initial investment and does not aim to profit from offering these types of media supported courses. The fees for the first academic year were set at €12 per ECTS credit.

Students enrolled in a multi-media supported program enjoy flexibility and can organize their schedule independent of time and location restraints as well as can save money in terms of driving time and gas. Students who study "at half speed" should be able to earn 15 ECTS credits, paying €180 per SEMESTER. Students who wish to earn more credits will pay more and those who wish to complete less credits, will pay less. Simply put, you pay for the amount of credits you take.

Fees will be levied per module; each student can take a module in the MuSSS format at any time without having to determine the long term aspect or module length. Students can choose freely between on-site MuSSS modules which require fees, or free modules (no fees apply) and even “mix and match” during the semester, if they so choose.

Fees do not include the costs of textbooks at the bookstore; if legally permitted, we offer students the convenience of purchasing the reading material at the online Web Shop during course registration. At students can register for a course and then opt whether or not to purchase the reading material. Books, readers, etc. can be picked up at the Austrian Student Union Shop on campus. For a fee, materials can also be sent by postal service.


In order to keep administrative costs as low as possible, we request that students take advantage of online payment services. Online payment can be made by credit card through services provided by the company “wirecard” or per EPS (Electronic Payment Standard). EPS requires having a bank account (and authorization for online banking) at one of the following banks: Bank Burgenland, Ärztebank, Bankhaus Carl Spängler & Co AG, BAWAG, Volksbank, easybank, Erste Bank und Sparkassen, Gärtnerbank, Hypo Alpe-Adria-Bank AG, HYPO Investmentbank AG, Hypo OÖ, Hypo Salzburg, Hypo Steiermark, Hypo Tirol Bank AG, Immo-Bank, Investkredit BANK AG, Niederösterreichische Landesbank, Österr. Apothekerbank, PSK, Raiffeisen, Schöllerbank AG, Sparda Bank, Vorarlberger Landes- und Hypothekenbank AG, VR-Bank Braunau.

Starting in Summer Semester 2012, there will be an additional payment option in the form of direct debit by authorizing the JKU to deduct the amount of payment due from your account. Please complete the form below, print and include your signature. Send the form by POSTAL SERVICE to address provided. As soon as the finance office has received authorization, this payment option will appear in your MUSSS Shop account. Please remember that documents sent via post require a certain amount of time and if you would prefer this payment option, please plan ahead accordingly!

application/pdfDirect Debit Authorization - Form (511KB, German only)