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In the context of the ministerial emergency reserves and in agreement with the demands of the Austrian Student Union Linz, a project was submitted to provide a MUSSS produced media content generally FREE OF CHARGE and is herewith referred to as: MUSSS Open Content (abbreviated O.C.)

As the courses are free of charge, there is no ONLINE supervision as provided with the MUSSS courses where fees apply. They are a reasonable alternative for students who have, up to now - and with or without a guilty conscience - registered for on-site courses and then for whatever reason fail to attend.

MUSSS O.C. courses (identified as such) will provide the course material online: generally this will be in the form of slide presentations and recordings used during the lecture; if necessary, there will also be an image recording. There are no specific dates provided for MUSSS O.C. courses – it is not expected for you to be present for the lecture more than once, however you must take the test in person.

Students are expected to perform the same as if attending the on-site course. You will be accepted in the same Moodle course as students attending the course on-site and must complete the same tasks and assignments within the same time frame.

If you are planning to attend the course regularly, then please register for the on-site course (limited number of courses offered due to room restrictions). If you prefer to complete the course at your own pace (with the slide presentations), then please register for the MUSSSS O.C. course (limited number of spots available).