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Multimedia Studies Services for Social Sciences, Economics and Business


… stands for Multimedia Studies Service SOWI. MuSSS will be incorporated into Business studies at Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business at JKU and has been designed to allow professionals, students with children and students who have other social responsibilities the opportunity to complete part of their studies by distance learning:

“Our goal is to successfully incorporate aspects of E-Learning into the curriculum which will create a “dual mode” of education. The central focus will be on conventional on-site sessions located on campus, but expanded by a virtual campus which will serve as a second channel to attend courses and allow students additional access to courses. This hybrid solution will include virtual and partially virtual courses, plus on-site sessions requiring physical classroom presence. Both forms will be offered to some extent, for example, to full-time students, part-time students and students in continuing education programs.” (Development Proposal, JKU, July 26, 2006, Pg. 45)

MuSSS is based on a Blended Learning Approach meaning the program consists of a combination of elements from both the multi-media distance learning program and on-site courses. To alleviate the long commute for students located away from campus, there are plans to also organize on-site courses in areas outside of Linz (such as in Gmunden, for example), according to requirements and the demand.

In the MuSSS program, students pursue the same degree program as students who are physically on campus. Students are subject to fulfil the same course requirements and examinations as all other students on campus, the only difference is in the way students prepare for examinations.

As the program format has been designed for working professionals and students who have family responsibilities, on-site courses will not be scheduled during the week, but rather in a blocked format and held in the evenings and/or on weekends (beginning Fridays at approximately 1:45 pm or Saturdays).

The entire program of study cannot be completed by MuSSS modules alone; certain course content (in particular seminars) can only be sufficiently completed on-site. Participation in such “on-site” modules will be organized according to each program of study and can vary.

For programs of study that offer numerous elective choices, such as Social Sciences, Economics and Business, students may select from only a few certain courses available via MuSSS.

The modules offered in MuSSS are not only based on course content, but also dependent on student demand. The first project phase will focus on providing required course modules (in “larger” programs of study in particular) that can also be covered by additional parallel courses. See course catalog.