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Course Registration

Course Registration
Students may register for courses via the teaching administration platform KUSSS (Kepler University Study Support System). Students may only enroll in courses once they have been officially admitted to studies at JKU. Completing the preliminary online procedure alone will not permit you to log in to KUSSS and register for courses.

Video Tutorials
A video tutorial about course registration can be found: here. Adobe Flashplayer is required to view the video and can be downloaded free of charge at Adobe.

Course Registration Deadlines
General information on course registration deadlines at the JKU can be found here. Please note that individual registration deadlines for courses in KUSSS may be different from those during the main registration period. The exact registration deadlines for each course have been noted in KUSSS.

Please Note! As a general rule, the deadline to enroll in courses via KUSSS generally ends before the admission deadline at JKU.

MUSSS Courses
Information in KUSSS on courses marked MUSSS courses can be found at: Multimedia Study Services SoWi (MUSSS).

Course Registration - Post-Graduate Programs (=Universitätslehrgänge)
Please note that course registration for post-graduate programs (=Universitätslehrgänge) does not take place via KUSSS! You can obtain information in regards to course registration for these programs of study at the responsible institute in charge of that particular program.

If you have questions about registering for courses via KUSSS, please contact:
Student Academic Advising Services