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Why Can I Not Sign Up for the Class I Want?

- You are not logged in
- The registration period is still closed
- You do not fulfill the pre-requisites in order to register for the class
- StEOP (Studies Introductory and Orientation Phase) has not been completed

You Are Not Logged In
In order to register for classes, you must log in to KUSSS.

See also: "How Do I Log In To KUSSS?"

(Main) Registration Period Is Still Closed
You may only register for classes during the (main) registration period. The registration dates are defined for each class:

You Do Not Fulfill Course Prerequisites
Once you are logged in, click on "Details" to see what the class pre-requisites are:

See also: "Why Do I Not Fulfill the Pre-Requisites for Class Registration? (How do Prerequisite Examinations Work?)"

StEOP (Studies Introductory and Orientation Phase) has not yet been completed
In addition to the courses listed in the curriculum, only certain additional courses can be taken before completing the StEOP requirements.