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What Classes Should I Take?

Course Selection

We recommend selecting classes according to your major and according to the curriculum for the degree program you are enrolled in, or by checking the course catalog (

  1. See: to find detailed program curricula for all degree programs at the JKU (select your major and view curricula in the lefthand menu bar). Some curricula include a recommended program of study which you can use to help plan your class schedule.
  2. When in KUSSS, select the course program through the course search field "LVA-Suche" (menu bar, left) and next to "Meine Studienrichtungen" you will find your schedule linked grouped by subjects according to your curricula.
  3. Select your class schedule for the coming semester by viewing the classes available in accordance to your curriculum. We strongly recommend that first year students select courses from the Introduction and Orientation Phase program (StEOP, marked with a yellow exclamation point).
  4. Afterwards you can select classes you need to fulfill your degree requirements. Please do not forget to make sure and check that the class(es) you need will be offered that semester (offered only during winter/summer semester? Does the course have pre-requisites?).
  5. To fulfill "elective requirements" you can choose available classes from other degree programs that are of interest to you. Please note that pre-requisites could apply.

See also: "How Do I Register for Courses?"

How to Search for Classes

When in KUSSS you will see "LVA Suche" (=find courses) in the left menu bar and you can select options in search for classes (via "Meine Studienrichtungen", "Fakultäten", "Alle Studienpläne", "LVA-Detailsuche" or by entering a title in the search field).
View our video tutorial about the search functions and how to find and sign up for classes.
We recommend searching for classes by accessing your degree program curriculum under "Meine Studienrichtungen".