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Why Did I Not Get the Class I Wanted?

Course Overlapping
You may have possibly selected classes in which the times and/or dates overlap. In this case, this may be the reason you did not get the class you wanted.

See also: "What is Course Overlapping?"

Due to Exceeding the Amount of ECTS Credits
Registering over the amount of ECTS credits is possible. Part-time students however can only sign up for courses to the maximum amount of credit as stated in the part-time curriculum. Waiting lists and direct allocation can exceed the amount of stated ECTS credits. Note: If there are additional courses with allocation by priority number, allocation (including direct and waiting lists) will be included.

See: "What is a Part-Time Bonus and How is it Determined?"

Impacted Classes
You may not have gotten in to the class you want as the demand exceeds the number of seats available. You can see the number of open spots and registration for each class:

See also: "How Are Courses Allocated?"

Registration Not Saved
You may have possibly not clicked to save your registration and have therefore not fully completed the registration process to sign up for those particular classes. Check KUSSS under "Meine Anmeldungen" to see a list of all of the classes you are signed up for.

See also: "How Do I Register for Courses?"

Classes Have Already Been Allocated Within the Same Course Class
If you have already been allocated to a course, you cannot sign up for another course that has the same course content.
You can find information on course content and the course class (the code is located in brackets next to the course title) in the course's header for each course.
Each institute can decide whether or not they want to add students and they can do so manually.

Course will not be held.

If you have any questions about course allocation, please contact KUSSS Support Services