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What is a Part-Time Bonus and How is it Determined?

A part-time bonus is based on class standing within a degree program, enabling priority class registration. It is determined as follows:

Limited to 10 ECTS Credits: Part-Time Bonus = 3
Limited to 20 ECTS Credits: Part-Time Bonus = 2
Limited to 30 ECTS Credits: Part-Time Bonus = 1
No Limit - Full-Time Studies: Part-Time Bonus = 0

Full-time studies are pre-set; changes can be made in KUSSS under "Meine Daten" and only once the course dates become available (up to the end of that particular main registration period). Adding an additional major does not increase the limit.
You can register beyond the amount of the ECTS credit limit, however classes for part-time students will be allocated only up to the maximum limit of their part-time studies. You can also go over the ECTS credit limit when class registration is "first come, first serve" basis or allocated by sequence.
Note: if there are additional classes allocated according to sequential order, the ECTS limit for part-time studies will contine to apply! The part-time status is primarily used for the allocation procedure and the JKU will not confirm via a third-party or given information to a third-party.

See also: "Allocation According to Priority Number"