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What is a Waiting Bonus and How is It Determined?

The "Waiting Bonus" is determined for each student and for each course class per semester.

Initial Registration (raw/standard value): Waiting bonus = 1
No Allocation: the waiting bonus is increased to 1.
Course Allocation: waiting bonus = 1 (raw/standard value)
Withdrawing from a class after the first class session with no reason given: waiting bonus = 0 (Minus point!)
Withdrawing from a class providing sufficient grounds: no change in waiting bonus status

The waiting bonus is increased to 1 if you register for a class and do not get into that class. If you are manually added to the class, this will be considered the same as being allocated to the class (waiting bonus=1).
Minus Points = 0 and applies only to the following semester.
A waiting bonus larger than 1 remains if you do not register for the same class during the following semester.
In regards to waiting lists, the waiting bonus will change depending on whether you are accepted to the class (waiting bonus=1) or not (waiting bonus up 1, priority).