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How are Classes Assigned?

University classes are assigned according to the Rules and Regulations for Course Assignment.
Each individual course in KUSSS indicates what course assignment procedure applies.
If there are a number of the same classes with the same registration period and the same assignment procedure, they will be summarized in a group.

Assignment According to Priority Number

Priority is determined by waiting bonus points, part-time bonus points and random selection. Each student will get a priority number for his/her course classification. The list of all student registration requests in a course classification will be sorted in descending order. This provides a ranking list of the first student registration requests which will be processed by the assignment program in sequential order. This means the student with the highest priority number will be considered first. The system will check to see whether space is available in the requested class (first ranking in registered course classification). If the class if full, the second class will be checked, etc.
If a spot is available, the system will check to see if the course overlaps with other courses the student is registered in. If there is overlapping, the next available course is checked.
If a spot cannot be assigned for the desired class, all courses which the student requested will be checked to see if a spot on the waiting list is available.
Note: Part-time students indicated as such in the system will be assigned courses according to the maximum amount of ECTS credits. If the preset ECTS credit volume is maxed out, you will not get in to the class, even if spots are open.

Time of Registration: Both variations of assigned in this form plays no role within the registration period.
Assignment: Will follow at the end of registration period and processing period.

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Assignment by Sequential Order

Assignment by Sequential Order
This is basically "first come, first serve". All registration within a course classification will be sorted and assigned by time of registration (date and time). Assignment according to priority number follows after the main registration period.

Time of Registration: is crucial for course assignment if the number of spots is limited.
Assignment: Will follow at the end of the registration period and a processing period.

Note: If you edit your registration anew during the registration period but at a later date (i.e. re-setting your ranking in the course classification AND saving), a new, later registration date will be noted and you will be ranked accordingly. The exact time of registration will be noted as the time you last clicked to save.

Direct Assignment

Direct assignment is also basically "first come, first serve". When registering for a class, student will be enrolled in the class as long as spots are available. If you are in another class in the same course category, you may not register.

Time of Registration: is crucial for course assignment if the number of spots is limited.
Assignment: Students will receive confirmation after registration. Once the class is full, students may not longer sign up for that class.

Manual Assignment

Students can be added to a class by permission of the course instructor or the institute. The time of registration is not important (but please adhere to the registration period).

Time of Registration: Not important with this type of assignment within the main registration period
Assignment: In general, applies via the institute during the first class session

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