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How Do I Register for MUSSS / MuSSS O.C. / Enrollment Eligibility Examination Classes?

Register for MuSSS Courses:

You can be allocated to a course class just once per semester.
If you have been allocated you will receive a message saying "Already allocated to a course class". If you have saved a course to your cart, you will receive a message saying "A course class of this kind is already in your cart".
To register, click on "Add to cart"

MuSSS Cart/Allocation:

Your courses can be found under: "Fee based courses in cart for the semester ..."
You will be registered in the course once you have paid in the MuSSS online shop.

MuSSS: Cancellation:

You will find your MuSSS courses under "MuSSS Courses for Summer Semester 2015"
Make note of the cancellation deadline.
You can click on "Note Cancellation" up to the end of the cancellation deadline in the "Cancellation" column. You will receive a message saying "Cancellation Noted"
Complete the cancellation procedure in the MuSSS online shop.

If you wish stop the cancellation process, click on "Storno Vormerk löschen". You will receive confirmation: "Stornovormerk wurde gelöscht".

Undoing Cancellation:

To undo a cancellation simply begin the registration process anew.