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Managing Changed Student ID Numbers

New Student ID Numbers for Students

New legal stipulations require that student ID numbers in Austria be changed from 7 to 8 digits.

7-digit student ID numbers will be given a “0” in front of the first digit. Previously issued 7-digit student ID numbers will remain unchanged (for example: 0123456 → 00123456).

The regulation affects all students who were issued a student ID number at an Austrian university or college before Winter Semester 2017.

The changeover is valid throughout Austria beginning June 1, 2017.

JKU IT Systems

The changes have already been entered into the JKU's IT system and now display the 8-digit student ID numbers. Please use only the 8-digit student ID number when, for example, entering numbers for or searching for students.

This also includes the export and import of student information (such as grading lists).

Students are now required to always use their new 8-digit student ID number (examination forms, correspondence).