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Kepler University Study Support System (KUSSS)

Beschreibung: Welcome to KUSSS Support!

KUSSS (Kepler University Study Support System) is the Johannes Kepler's University Linz' study administration platform.
KUSSS serves students and faculty. Use KUSSS to register for classes as well as examinations.

Course Catalog

The study administrative platform KUSSS (Kepler University Study Support System) contains all of the classes offered at the Johannes Kepler University (JKU) Linz.

Guests (meaning those not officially enrolled at the JKU) are also permitted to access KUSSS in order to view classes from various degree programs. When in the KUSSS "guest room", click on "LVA Suche" (=search classes) and select the program you are looking for. You can also use the advance search to look for classes according to instructor, course title, course number, room number, language of instruction, weekday, etc.

Course Registration

You may only register for classes once you have officially enrolled at the university and possess a JKU student ID (matriculation) number. Your student ID number will serve as your user name in order to log in to the system. In order to log in, you must activate your JKU user account.

JKU Account/Activate Account

After enrolling at the university, you must activate your account and create your JKU passwort*.↵
See: for more information.

Video Tutorials

Activate Account

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Course Registration

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Do You Have Questions About KUSSS?

If you have any questions about KUSSS, degree programs offered at the JKU, etc., please contact the Office of Study Information and Academic Advising Services. We are happy to help!

You can also see our FAQs section for information.