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MORE Initiative for Asylum Seekers

*****The APPLICATION PERIOD for the MORE program beginning WS 2017/18 is over. ****** The period to start the program or submit an application is over. *****

MORE - A Program by Austrian Universities for Refugees

The Johannes Kepler University Linz is taking part in the UNIKO's MORE initiative. The program will provide qualified refugees with initial access to the university.

The "MORE" Program at the Johannes Kepler University Linz

German Language Classes

The JKU Linz has offered two German language classes for those in the MORE program since Winter Semester 2015/2016. The current entry level for the MORE program is a minimum B1 level.

In addition to the language classes, students can also use the independent studies lab at the Center for Business Languages and Intercultural Communications to supplement material taught in class.

Who Can Take Part?

Asylum seekers who possess a valid residence permit card in accordance with § 51 Asylum Act, or subsidiary individuals authorized to seek protection in accordance with § 52 Asylum Act, or an asylum seeker who has been granted leave to remain for humanitarian reasons (in accordance with § 46a FPG), those who meet the university entrance requirements or have already successfully completed a university degree program. MORE students are externally enrolled students and as part of the program these students are not subject to tuition fees.

Interview and Admission to the MORE Program

Applications for the MORE program will only be accepted during the application period.
There will be no additional courses offered during WS 2017/2018; only the existing courses will continue at the B 1.2 and B 2 level. For Winter Semester 2017/2018 there is a limited number of spots for new students and spots will be awarded based on limited availability.

For information about the MORE program at the JKU, contact: Katharina Oberthaler: more(/\t)

Account for Donations

Refugees have limited financial resources. In order to cover some of the costs for course materials, the JKU has created an account for donations.

You can donate to the following account:

IBAN: AT42 3400 0000 0184 4646

The Borealis MORE Starting Grant for New Students

The deadline for the Borealis MORE Grant for the 2017/2018 academic year is over.
The introductory Borealis "MORE" Grant aims to provided students who have an immigrant background with financial aid as they do not qualify for state financial study assistance.
The grant will be approved and paid out to those who achieve a certain required level of academic performance and will be defined as part of a binding learning agreement of at least 12 ECTS credits between the JKU and the grant holder.

Those who applied for the grant will be notified per e-mail by no later than October 31, 2017.

Contact: Ms. Sonja Matzinger, BA MSc. sonja.matzinger(/\t)

We would like to thank Borealis AG, Vienna for their generous support.


Thanks to support by the Federation of Austrian Industrialists, during Summer Semester 2016 the JKU and the Linz University of Art & Design were able to offer those in the MORE program an additional German course that focuses on writing skills.

Thanks to supporty by the 2017 Vienna Ball of Sciences an additional course titled "Grammatik in Situationen" could be offered for MORE students during Summer Semester 2017.

Thanks to the support by Borealis AG, Vienna, new students who have a refugee background can receive a grant to attend the MORE program for the 2017/2018 academic year.

We would like to thank our sponsors and donors for their generosity!

Reports About the JKU "MORE" Initiative

For a better idea of what the MORE program is about, we have created regular detailed reports about the JKU's activities. See:

Information Session for MORE Students and Volunteers in the MORE Program

An Information Session on the MORE program was held on October 28, 2015, for charity representatives.
Since then, there have been regularly scheduled information sessions at the end of the semester. This information session will address current issues regarding admission, questions about the asylum procedure, etc.

Additional Activities

As part of the German course "Mittelstufe I", a group of 8 MORE students visited the exhibition "Gekommen und Geblieben. 50 Jahre Arbeitsmigration in (Ober-)Österreich" at the Arbeitswelten Museum in Steyr on April 8, 2016 (curator: a.Univ. Prof. Mag. Dr. Michael John). Photos and a brief summary about the excursion will be available soon on the Center for Business Languages and Intercultural Communication homepage.

Click here for information about services offered at the Main Campus Library.

Additional Information and Contact

For information about the MORE program and admission to studies at the JKU, please contact Ms. Katharina Oberthaler by sending an e-mail to: more(/\t)

The Core JKU "MORE" Team

Prof. Johann Bacher

Dean of the Faculty of Social Sciences, Economics and Business, Program Director

Katharina Ben Salah

Studies Information and Academic Advising Services (currently on leave)

Ilse Born-Lechleitner

Head of the Center for Business Languages and Intercultural Communication

Alexander Grömmer

Austrian Student Union - Office for Migration and Integration

Rebecca Haselbacher

Head of Studies Administration Services at the JKU

Prof. Nicole Kronberger

Department of Social and Economic Psychology

Sonja Matzinger

Department of Labor, Organizational, and Media Psychology

Katharina Oberthaler

Contact person at the Admissions Office

Prof. Reinhold Priewasser

Institute of Operational and Regional Environmental Management

Prof. Erna Szabo

Institute of International Management

Karin Willinger-Rypar

Center for Business Studies and Intercultural Communication

Julia Winter & Theresa Matzinger

Student Reps for the Buddy Program

MORE in the Media

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Standard, July 22, 2016

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Rotary Club Presentation, December 12, 2016

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2017 Vienna Ball of Sciences

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JKU News: Report about the 3rd Information Session

Community News Engerwitzdorf March 2017

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