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Physics - Preparation Course

How do I best study for the supplementary examination in Physics?

You must study the material for the supplementary examination in physics independently. For information on what will be covered, please contact:

Dr. Michael HOHAGE
Institute for Experimental Physics
Physics Building (
T +43 732 2468 5334

Are there any costs or fees?

There may be costs associated with photocopying the learning materal. There are no fees to take the examination.

What other information is there regarding the supplementary examination?

In consultation and agreement with the examiner, the supplementary examination can be taken in either German or English.

How do I sign up to take a supplementary examination?

You can schedule the date directly with the examiner. You must register for the supplementary examination no later than 1 week before the scheduled date or send an e-mail to the Dept. of Examination and Recognition Services (