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Supplementary Examinations and Preparation Courses

Why Supplementary Examinations?

Since October 2017, the JKU has offered a prepatory program to help students who have non-Austrian university entrance qualifications to help prepare for and pass required supplementary examinations. Students can take classes to help prepare for the supplementary examinations they are required to pass.

What Supplementary Examinations Do I Have to Take?

The admissions notification will contain information about the supplementary examination(s) the student is required to pass.

Who Can be Admitted to the Preparation Program?

Students admitted to the JKU after October 24, 2017 (and who have received a letter of admission) will be enrolled directly in to preparation classes in order to prepare for the supplementary examinations.

All other studentsadmitted to the JKU before this date and who are required to take supplementary examinations must enroll under the status of external student (=außerordentliche Studierende). You can change the student status if you wish. Please come to the JKU Admissions Office in person.

What are supplementary examinations?

Prospective students holding international school-leaving certificates may be subject to taking supplementary examinations in one or more subject areas in order to enroll in the intended degree program. Supplementary examinations help to prepare students for studies in a particular major and supplement school-leaving qualifications.

Applicants admitted to a German-language degree program but who are not fluent in German must successfully pass a supplementary examination in German. The supplementary examinations must be completed before the applicant can begin the intended degree program. The applicant must be enrolled as an external (=außerordentliche) student.