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Nostrification (in accordance with §§ 43ff of the Ordinance at the Johannes Kepler University Linz)

(1) Nostrification is the recognition of a foreign university degree as being comparable to an academic degree earned at an Austrian university.

(2) The application, directed to the Vice Rector of Teaching in compliance with the terms and regulations of §90 of the University Act of 2002, will be considered providing the nostrification is necessary to engage in professional activity in Austria or to pursue further education in Austria. The absolute necessity can only be determined by the valid legal regulations in Austria.

(3) The applicant seeks to request official confirmation for the recognition of a foreign university degree as comparable to the completion of an academic degree earned at an Austrian university degree, thus entitling the applicant to bear an Austrian academic title.

(4) Applicants must submit the following documentation with their application:

1. Valid passport,
2. Evidence beyond question for the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs to confirm the status/quality of the foreign post-secondary educational institution as equivalent to a recognized Austrian post-secondary educational institution,
3. Evidence regarding the completion of studies at the foreign post-secondary educational institution, (even if the Vice Rector of Academic Affairs is familiar with the institution),
4. Certification conferring an academic title or the successful completion of an academic degree program as evidence issued for the completion of academic studies,
5. The legal regulations confirming the necessity to pursue nostrification as well as the grounds for the application of these regulations by the applicant.

(5) Documents in foreign languages must be notarized and submitted as certified translations. In compliance with Section 3, para. 4, the certification must be submitted in the original.

(6) The Vice Rector of Academic Affairs reserves the right to consult legal statutes in regards to individual documents regarding credibility in cases where submitting documents before the stated deadline is impossible due to tremendous difficulty, and the submitted documentation is insufficient in order to render a decision.

The nostrification fee is currently € 150.00.

Please submit your application for degree recognition (with the exception of degrees subject to a separate procedure - see below) to the Admissions Office (Bank Building, 1st Floor, Rm. 113B) at the Johannes Kepler University Linz. Kindly make an appointment in advance by calling: +43 732/2468-3104

Teaching and Studies Organization at the JKU
Admission Services

Mag. Petra Stadler
E-mail: petra.stadler(/\t)
Ph: +43 732/2468-3104

application/pdfApplication Form (31KB, German only)

Separate Procedures

Separate degree recognition procedures apply to certain degrees earned in Bosnia-Herzogovina, Italy, Croatia, Liechtenstein, Macedonia, Serbia and Montenegro, Slovenia as well as at pontifical universities. In compliance with special bilaterial agreements, recognition procedures for certain majors and degree programs have been simplified.
These separate procedures have been agreed upon in conjunction with the Austrian Federal Ministry for Science and Research. Click here for more information.