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Additional Areas in Business (Social Economics, Sociology, Statistics, Web Sciences incl. Social Web / Web Business & Economy, Business Informatics, Political Education, Comparative Social Policy and Welfare)


Requirements to Register for the Final Master's Degree Examination

Register in a timely manner at the Department of Examination and Recognition Services

Registration Deadlines: individually scheduled test dates by mutual agreement with the examiner. Registration is 4 weeks prior to the examination date. Please complete the examination roster at this time!

Students enrolled in the Joint Master's Degree Program Comparative Social Policy and Welfare (2010W) are not subject to a final examination. The degree program is considered complete after successfully passing the last course examination and after the Master's thesis has been graded.

All required grade sheets in accordance with the curriculum and/or passing subject area examinations (self-monitoring according to the studies handbook).


Please submit the thesis to the Department of Examinations and Recognition Services on time.
The thesis supervisor must grade the thesis within a 3 month time period From the date of submission, (Ordinance §29/7).

Punctual filing of an application in case authentication is required,
issuing certification of authenticity can take up to 2 months to process (Universities Act 2002 §78/8).

Conferral Notification and Certification

Students may pick up their conferral notification at the Department of Examination and Recognition Services approximately two weeks after completing the final Master's examination. The conferral notification will be issued in German and English.

For degrees issued after October 1, 2009, students must complete the form UStat2 (census form regarding stays abroad for study purposes)

UStat2 Form German only