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Faculty of Engineering and Natural Sciences

Dissertation Defence
The registration form, signed by the examiner of the “Prüfungssenat” committee must be submitted to the department of Examinations and Recognition Services no later than 4 weeks before the date of the dissertation defence as it must be forwarded for approval by the responsible officials.

Doctoral candidates must personally organize and coordinate the date of their respective dissertation defense with the examiners and must submit the date to the Department of Examination and Recognition Services (personally, in writing, by telephone) no later than 10 days before the date of the defense.
At this point, the verification of 12 semester hours (086, 091) and/or roster (786, 796/700, 791, 796/700) must already be approved, the dissertation must be graded and the final grade submitted!

Academic Degree
Approximately 1 – 2 weeks after the dissertation defense the official confirmation (=Bescheid) will be issued in both German and English and the doctorate degree can be picked up at the Department of Examinations and Recognition Services.

Applying for a Doctorate Degree under "Sub Auspiciis Praesidentis Rei Publicae"


  • Graduation at an upper level academic high school with honors
  • Matura diploma awarded with distinction
  • Successful completion of university studies with distinction: all subject examinations, Diploma degree/Master's thesis graded with a "1" - doctorate degree subjects, dissertation and oral defence graded with a "1"
  • Applicant must not exceed the designated time period to complete an academic degree program (however, students who have exceeded the designated time period with good reason may still be considered for the award)

Please submit an application to the Dept. of Examinations and Recognition Services before completing the oral dissertation defence.

application/pdfApplication Form - Sub auspiciis (61KB, German only)

Note: After an academic degree has been formally awarded, students may no longer apply to graduate under "Sub Auspiciis Praesidentis Rei Publicae"