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Admission to a Doctorate Degree Program

Doctorate degree programs are advanced academic degree programs which serve to further develop and enhance the skill sets required in order to conduct independent academic research and work.

Admission requirements, in accordance to each specific degree program, include the successful completion of a Master's or Diploma degree program in a comparable subject area, or completion of an equivalent degree program from a post-secondary institute of education in Austria or abroad.

Graduates from an Austrian university of applied sciences (=Fachhochschule) may be admitted to a doctorate degree program in accordance with the regulations for graduates from universities of applied sciences. Please contact the Office of Admissions for more information.

Students enrolled in a doctorate degree program must complete a dissertation in a particular subject as stated in the curriculum. Students may choose their topics in accordance with subjects listed in the curriculum. If the student wishes to pursue a different dissertation topic, or the allocation of a dissertation topic is unclear, the student must apply for admission.

Automatic Admission

To enroll in the program, please bring the following documents in the original or as a certified copy (confirmed official certification verifying the correctness of the copy, as by a notary, for example):

  • Valid passport or proof of citizenship with an official photo ID
  • Proof of qualification required to meet admission requirements (such as an Austrian Matura diploma or a Diploma degree diploma)
  • Proof of having a Social Insurance number (such as an E-card)
  • Printed confirmation of successful pre-enrollment
  • If applicable, confirmation in regards to any change of name in the event that names on certain documents do not match (i.e. marriage certificate)
  • If applicable, departure documents if you are transferring from another university

Application for Admission

If the applicant does not qualify for automatic admission or have allocation to a dissertation subject and reasons for admission are thus unclear, the applicant must apply for admission. In any case, applicants who have completed previous academic degree programs outside of Austria must apply for admission:

  • Form "Application for Admission to a Doctorate Degree Program"
  • Proof of having successfully completed a Diploma degree program or a Bachelor's/Master's degree (conferred diploma, transcripts including all examinations, grades, semester hours, proof of having completed a Diploma or Master's degree thesis - including brief summary and grade awarded as well as the program curriculum)
  • A certified/notarized copy of your passport

Once the applicant submits an application form, including all required documentation, the application will be reviewed in order to determine the equivalency of the applicant's graduate or Diploma degree in regards to admission to a Doctorate degree program. (This review procedure does not apply if there is a corresponding bilateral agreement confirming the equivalency of university degree programs.)

All documents must be submitted in the original or as a verified copy and must show the appropriate verification of authenticity. Documents in a language other than German must be officially translated into German (unless the responsible authorities have issued the doccuments in English). See below for information on verified documents, German translations and deadlines pertaining to applications for admission.

After submitting all required documents to the Admissions Office at the Johannes Kepler University Linz, the application will be reviewed to ensure all formal criteria has been met. Applicants will be notified of admission by letter. Please submit your application in a timely manner as the review process may take up to a few weeks.

Students who meet all admission criteria will receive an official acceptance letter. Please bring the acceptance letter and all documents as listed under "Automatic Admission" to the Admissions Office within the registration/enrollment period.

There is NO APPLICATION FEE to apply to the program. Applications prepared and submitted by an agency are not necessary and does not influence or affect the outcome of the admissions procedure.

Dissertation Supervision

In addition to submitting an application to a Doctorate degree program, applicants are strongly encouraged to find a dissertation supervisor. Please contact a university professor at the corresponding institute to discuss the supervision of your dissertation.

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