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Admission - Extension Studies

For admission to Extension Studies, please complete the online registration procedure.

To complete admission, please come to the Admissions Office (Bank Building, 1st floor) in person during the corresponding deadlines. The information you entered online will be verified with the required documentation you will bring with you and then entered into the system.

To complete the admissions process, you must bring the following documents (in the original):

· valid passport
· Austrian social insurance number (E-card)
· printed confirmation of successful pre-enrollment
· if applicable, official notification including any supplementary examinations.
· if applicable, confirmation regards any change of name in the event that names on certain documents do not match (i.e. marriage certificate)
· if applicable, departure documents if you are transferring from another university
· if applicable, proof in regards to successfully completed degree programs (diploma, conferral documents, etc.)

When the admissions process has been completed, you will receive a student ID card – the Kepler Card. You will need your Kepler Card to access the university parking lot and use the library. The Kepler Card serves as an official form of ID and allows you to make cashless payments both on and off campus (integrated chip function).

After completing the admissions process, you will be required to pay tuition by the end of the corresponding grace period (link with

Students may also register for classes after completing the admissions process in accordance with the corresponding deadlines.