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The Admissions Office is a central point of contact for prospective and new students wishing to enroll at the JKU Linz and/or continue/discontinue studies at the JKU. The Admissions Office staff provides numerous services, including academic advising in regards to admission requirements, providing information about the Enrollment Eligibility Examination as well as information about tuition fees.

Department Staff and Contact Information:

The Admission Service will be closed from December, 27, 2018 to January, 1st, 2018
Thanks for your understanding!


Bank Building, 1st Floor, Rms. 113A and 113B

Office Hours:

Monday: 9am - 12am
Tuesday: 9am - 12am
Wednesday: 2pm - 4pm
Thursday: 9am - 12am
Friday: 9am - 12am

Information can be obtained by phone outside of our scheduled office hours:
Monday: 8am - 9am, 2pm - 4pm
Tuesday: 8am - 9am, 2pm - 4pm
Wednesday: 9am - 12am
Thursday: 8am - 9am, 2pm - 4pm
Friday: 8am - 9am



Admissions: Students with Austrian Educational Qualifications
Registration and Continuing Studies
Leave of Absence
KeplerCard (new, re-set pin code, etc.)

E-mail: zulassung(/\t)
Phone: +43 (0)732 2468 - Extensions 3180, 3271, 3288

Information on Admission Procedures for the Bachelor Degree Programs in Social Economics and Business Administration, Human Medicine and Teacher Education Studies as well as the Master's Degree Program in Human Medicine:

E-mail: aufnahmeverfahren(/\t)
Phone: +43 (0)732 2468 - 3102

Admission for Students with International Educational Qualifications

E-mail: admission(/\t)
Phone: +43 (0)732 2468 - Extensions 3273, 3275 or 3276

Admission to the University Enrollment Eligibility Examination

E-mail: studienberechtigung(/\t)
Phone: +43 (0)732 2468 - Extensions 3180, 3271 or 3288

Tuition Fees

E-mail: studienbeitrag(/\t)
Phone: +43 (0)732 2468 - Extensions 3272 or 3274

Independent Studies, Recognition of Academic Certificates (Nostrification)

E-mail: zulassung(/\t)
Phone: +43 (0)732 2468 - Extensions 3270 or 3276

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Teaching and Studies Organization at the JKU: