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Admission to a Bachelor's Degree or Diploma Degree Program

Students with international (non-Austrian) academic qualifications and certification applying for admission to JKU must provide the following:

1. Completed "Application for Admission” form

2. Secondary school transcripts containing a list of all completed subjects and grades

3. If necessary, proof and/or certification of completed university qualifying examinations*

4. If necessary, proof and/or certification of already completed pre-studies (such as transcripts, conferral degree, curriculum)*

5. Proof of special university qualifications: confirmation that the academic study program the applicant is applying for in Austria could also be completed in the country that issued the applicant's school-leaving examination certificate. This does not have to be verified if the secondary school certificate was awarded/issued in an EU or EEA country.

* Depending on the country that issued the secondary school certificates, the Johannes Kepler University may require proof of acceptance to a university - and/or related pre-study programs - in order to enroll at the JKU.

application/pdfApplication for Admission (171KB, German & English)

Proof of Education Completed in Germany:
Applicants from Germany who have successfully passed the German general school-leaving examinations, Allgemeine Hochschulreife (Abitur), are not required to submit a separate application of admission. The same procedures apply as to Austrian students. Detailed information is available here.
Please note: This only applies to applicants who have passed general university entrance examinations (= Allgemeinen Hochschulreife) and not for those who have passed entrance examinations for a university of applied sciences (= Fachhochschhulreife) or subject-related qualifications to enter university (= fachgebundene Hochschulreifen)!