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Admission to Doctorate Programs

Applicants with international (non-Austrian) academic qualifications applying for admission to a doctorate degree program at JKU must submit the following documentation:

1. An "Application for Admission to Studies“ (=Ansuchen um Zulassung zum Studium")

2. Proof of having successfully completed a Master's degree or Diploma degree program (diploma, examination transcripts providing examination subjects, grades, semester hours, proof of written thesis including a short summary and the grade awarded, degree curriculum)

3. University confirmation that the degree program has been successfully completed (degree awarded) and that the applicant meets all requirements for immediate admission to an equivalent doctorate program at that university, valid for the requested semester. (APPLICANTS WHO HAVE COMPLETED A UNIVERSITY DEGREE PROGRAM IN AN EU OR EEA COUNTRY ARE NOT REQUIRED TO PROVIDE THIS CONFIRMATION!)

After submitting the application form and all required documentation, the application will be reviewed by a faculty member in the applicant's intended area of study in order to determine the equivalency of the degree program in regards to admission to Ph.D. studies at JKU. (Not applicable if there is an agreement on the equivalency of university study programs between JKU and the university where the degree was completed.)

Before or during the period in which the application is being reviewed, applicants are strongly advised to find a dissertation supervisor. Please contact faculty at the institute where you intend to complete your doctorate degree.

application/pdfApplication of Admission (45KB, German & English)