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How can I be admitted as an exchange student at the Johannes Kepler University?

Exchange students are selected and nominated by their home university to take part in an exchange program, based on an agreement with Johannes Kepler University and the exchange student's home university. For information on exchange programs and our partner universities, please contact the international studies co-ordinator at your home university.

Does the University Offer German Language Courses for Exchange Students?
Prior to the beginning of each semester, we offer intensive German language courses (beginners, lower intermediate and advanced levels) for exchange students.
In the Winter Semester, the German courses are offered for three weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. In the Summer Semester the courses are held two weeks prior to the beginning of the semester. Students who attend each class meeting and pass the final exam can earn ECTS credits. The three-week course held before the beginning of the Winter Semester is worth 3 ECTS credits. The two-week course held prior to the Summer Semester is worth 2 ECTS credits.

The courses are FREE of charge and open to all official exchange students.

German language courses are also offered throughout the semester. For more information, please see: Courses

Do I need a visa to enter Austria?

For students from the European Economic Area (EU and EFTA countries) and Switzerland there are no specific requirements to enter Austria and a valid passport is sufficient.
Students from non-European Union or European Free Trade Association countries require an entry or residence permit to enter and reside legally in Austria. The type of permit depends on the student's country of origin and the student's planned length of stay. For more information please see:

Visa requirements

When should I arrive in Linz? What is the best time to arrive?

You must be in Linz in time to attend the Orientation Programme!

For more information, please see: Pre-Semester Programme

I received the room reservation from International Office. How do I know if I have a single room with my own kitchen or if I have to use common kitchen facilities? (Julius Raab Heim)

If available, you will receive a single room with kitchen. If no single room with kitchen is available, you will get a room in a different category. We regret that we cannot provide more details prior to arrival.

What kind of proof of language proficiency do you accept?

We accept several documents, including:

  - All internationally recognized language certificates (e.g. TOEFL, Goethe etc.)
  - English or German courses in the required level (B2) that appear listed in your Transcript of Records
  - Confirmation issued by your university in regards to your language skills (German OR English) at the required B2 level.

I would like to apply for a German language course and the Cultural Sensitivity session. How and where do I register?

Please use the corresponding field in our online applicartion form under the section "PRE-SEMESTER PROGRAMME" to indicate that you would like to attend the language course and/or Cultural Sensitivity program.