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Course Catalog

Information regarding university courses is available online at As a key search word(s), you can enter, for example, the course title, course number, instructor's name, institute, faculty, semester, or language of instruction.

Data input in the field "Semester" should be entered as follows:

Enter the year in which the semester begins plus "w" (for the winter semester) or "s" (for the summer semester), for example
  "2014s" for Summer Semester 2014,
  "2013w" for Winter Semester 2013/2014

Please note that the final list of university classes at JKU is available just a few weeks before the relevant semester begins. See: In order to help select your classes for the semester, you can access classes that were offered during the previous semester (i.e. 2013w). Classes offered in the Winter Semester are usually similar to the classes that were offered the Winter Semester before (the same applies to classes offered during the previous Summer Semester).