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JKU TRANSFER aspires to be a "one stop shop" and point of contact in the broadest sense for businesses, social partners, NGOs and civil services and strives to establish cooperation between the University and its institutes as well as serve as a point of contact for JKU academics and scientists who are searching for partners.

Companies can cooperate with the JKU in numerous ways such as in the field of research or as an active sponsor to colloborate with JKU JKU students and/or JKU alumni.

JKU TRANSFER offers interested companies detailed information in regards to many options of cooperation:
• Joint detailed discussions on the type of desired cooperation
• Determining possible appropriate forms of cooperation
• Identifying and placing concrete contacts
• Checklists as to what to look for during cooperation and the steps that must be planned

JKU TRANSFER offers scientists and academics support in establishing contact:
• Assistance in establishing contacts
• Identifying and supporting skills relevant to technology transfer
• Representation of existing expertise to the outside

Mag. Isabella Staska
Ph.: 0732 2468-3396
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