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Training Intercultural Competences


  • Mag. Gerhard P. Krejci
  • Josephine Sommerhuber, BA MA


  • Culture as a communication phenomenon
  • Objective culture vs. subjective culture
  • Intercultural competences and the developmental model of intercultural sensitivity
  • Values and how to make use of culture dimension concepts
  • Application in Teams and Organizations


At the end of this seminar students should...
... Know the possibilities and challenges which can be found in (inter-)cultural dialog
... Understand, how to handle differences and commonalities in cultural contact,
... Have developed their (inter-)cultural “skillset”,
... Know how to plan activities that focus to the potentials of diverse teamwork
... Be able to identify the most important factors of using culture within organisations and
how to apply them in daily practise in the future.


Students will work actively in various exercises during the seminar. We will do some video-analysis, group work and case studies. Students who are interested in the assessment of their individual intercultural sensitivity can use the Intercultural Development Inventory (IDI). We will provide also feedback on the results of the IDI. A central element of this training is the regular reflection of the individual learning process


  • Milton Bennett: Basic Concepts of Intercultural Communication
  • Dirk Baecker: „Wozu Kultur?“
  • Fons Trompenaars & CharlesHampden-Turnder: „Riding the waves of culture“
  • Egar Schein: „Organisationskultur“
  • Some selected articles are available after the training